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moving cordyline


By Tia0308

United States Us

hi there just woundering if anyone knows best time to move a cordyline.It is planted in the ground

On plant Cordyline australis



Hi Tia. You say you are in the US but you don't say where. USDA zone 5 (Alaska) which I doubt if you have a cordy outside, or zone 11 (Florida) which I also doubt with all the great palms you could have.

Let's assume you are somewhere between zone 7b and zone 9b, the usual for cordylines. Then the best time to move it is in spring or early summer.

Dig a hole that will be bigger than the current root spread (dig it up first, carefully, trying not to damage the roots.) The hole should be about 10% bigger than the hole it came out of. Put a whole load of compost and/or well rotted manure in the bottom and work that in a bit to the base soil. water well then put in your cordy. Fill up the hole and water again. If it is large then stake it for a while with a stake at an angle banged in outside the root area (you probably know about not damaging roots). Continue to water liberally for a few weeks and there you are Robert is your mother's (or father's) brother.

I am assuming it's a reasonable size but you can remove the stake in autumn. If we are talking tree give it another year.

If you need a second opinion (2 gardeners rarely agree) or further advice then do come back.


12 Oct, 2008


I moved one in the Autumn some eleven years ago in southern England and it promptly died. However, it sprang up again from a side shoot and is now about 5 metres high.

12 Oct, 2008

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