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Cherry tree blossoming.

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Do we believe in global warming now? My young cherry tree blossomed in spring. All the blossom dropped off in late spring and nothing happened. No cherries, nothing. It is now blossoming again.

I don't really need an answer as to why, but has anyone got anything similar? Or has any one got a genuine explanation?



Hi john :)
Deffinatley global warming, it has to be, i had 4 new fronds on my treefern in august, my pear tree has blossomed twice! second time a few weeks ago, the pears are Teeny and have no chance of growing, then 2 weeks ago i had new flowers on one of my hosta's!!! Mad or What :))))

12 Oct, 2008


Strange Dee. I also got a new flush of leaves on the old Dicksonia in August. I think mine was 4 as well. I'd forgotten that. My pear lost it's blossom and leaves in late spring and has looked dead ever since. I am just waiting to see what it does next year. I reckon we'll just have to wait and see. But I'm still interested in other people's 'Tales of the Unexpected'.


12 Oct, 2008


No doubt about the weather, but perhaps your Cherry needs a mate, Try putting a flowering branch of another similar tree,but not quite the same. in a bottle with water to keep it fresh tie it to one of the branches and hope to cross pollinate

12 Oct, 2008


Thanks Po. Being an eccentric (or crazy) millionaire I might just by a second tree although when I bought it I was told it was self pollinating. But who can trust a nurseryman? LoL.

12 Oct, 2008


OOOOOH! I've never talked to a real millionaire before! Hi Sarra - can you spare a couple of quid for a poor OAP who needs to buy a few plants - please? lol.

About strange goings-on in the garden, my Ceanothus is in flower again. Mind you, it did it last year too. Not sure why.

13 Oct, 2008


Spritzhenry. I am so rich I could write a cheque for £10,000 and throw it on the fire. I wouldn't even miss it. Might have problems sending you a couple of quid though. If you want to send me a fiver to cover post and packing I'll see what I can do. LoL.


13 Oct, 2008

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