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Should I cut off cordyline flower?


By Lexie

United Kingdom Gb

Our Cordyline flowered recently but now that it is nearly over, should we cut it off or will it come off naturally?

On plant Cordyline australis



Cordylline plants always lose their bottom leaves and grow up. I looked at your picture and somehow I think it looks different from mine. But when the flower is dead and has dried up, of course you can cut it off. I have even cut a whole lot of the trunk off, as it grew too high, about 4m, so where I pruned it soon enough new shoots came and so you get a more bushy plant. I do have some pics of that, so I will place them for you.

11 Jul, 2008


I leave my flowers on and they become berries which are loved by long-tailed tits. Sitting outside on boxing day watching a flock of these 'balls of cotton-wool' birds feeding a few feet away is a trasured moment in my life.


13 Jul, 2008


I have a large flower on the top of my cordaline, it is 4 years old. All the leaves were very yellow so I have cut then all down. The flower at the top of my tree is very heavy and has a large stem coming up from the middle of the tree, can I cut it off or will it harm the rest of the tree if I do?

12 Jul, 2009


I have no photo's at present

12 Jul, 2009

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