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scale insects


By Caz13

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Yuk, been picking off scale insects (quite big black ones that kind of crack/squish) from my potted olive tree. Where do they come from to get there in the first they crawl? fly? What do baby scale look like? Hadn't picked any off for a couple of weeks (last I looked, I'd got them all) yet some of these just now were quite big, like they'd been there a while. I kind of flicked them away from me, can they make it back to the tree over gravel, half squished???!

Copy this link in your internet browser and you'll get a pretty good picture of where they come from, what to do etc. If you have only one olive tree and it is in a pot and not too big, perhaps a sponge with dishwashing detergent. They don't like that. I would try easy and cheap things first. Don't flick them away, you'll get them on other plants too. They really need squeezing dead and sponging off. If you think it is a dirty job, get some kitchen gloves on. All the best, I hope you'll get rid of them, if not your olive tree can die.

11 Jul, 2008

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