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By Milky

United Kingdom Gb

help.....any ideas on how to get rid of. I keep trying to dig it out but it seems to be making more plants



You might have to resort to weedkiller if it carries on being a nuisance! A systemic one would deal with it - but be careful not to splash any plants near it or you will lose them too.

9 Oct, 2008


The roots will go down to about two ft. before being safely cut or broken off.

9 Oct, 2008


They spread like wildfire Milky. I have one and am thinking of going in to horseradish sauce production big time. If you want to keep some for either sauce or the large green leaves then continue digging it out or as Spritzhenry says, if you want rid then glyphosate it. Probably several times.

11 Oct, 2008

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