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my banana plant leaves our starting to turn yellow



its getting cold get electric tape and bind the leaves just above the crown and mulch the ground with straw eg in 5 years you wont need to as it will of hardend to our weather

5 Oct, 2008


it will allow the plant sun but no frost in its growing tip and being basicly a tropical plant keep the frost of the roots funnily enough without covering for me

5 Oct, 2008


I put chicken wire around mine, and stuff it with straw, i always move to a place with cover so it don't get to wet through the winter, but mine are still nice and green at the moment, i have usually have done it by now. maybe next weekend.

5 Oct, 2008


cool sounds good all much the same idear

5 Oct, 2008


All leaves have a lifespan, when will people get this basic fact about plants in general.

6 Oct, 2008


yes just like hair

6 Oct, 2008

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