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By Janeth

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone else got clematis in flower this weekend? spotted this through my kitchen window yesterday morning, it was very cold in my back garden!




I still have a few on my alba luxurians but that always flowers for a long time.

5 Oct, 2008



5 Oct, 2008


Yes I have , on `Bill Mackenzie`

5 Oct, 2008


Yes I did have.

I spent lots of time in the garden today... pruned hard back a couple of clematis climbing my cherry tree only to find as I pulled the stems out about 10 flowers and another dozen or so buds. Too late was the cry... I'd already cut the stems off at the bottom!

5 Oct, 2008


Yes, C. vit. 'Etoile Violette' ,C.vit 'Royal Velours' and C. tangutica. (Sorry, Sal, about yours!)

5 Oct, 2008


Yes my Tangutica and the deep purple one (sorry - here when I came so no idea what it is) are still flowering away up here in SW Scotland. They will both last until the first real frosts as they are in my south facing front garden.

6 Oct, 2008


Oh, and C.cirrhosa 'Freckles' is also in flower.

6 Oct, 2008


This is a clematis which was chewed to the ground a couple of months ago and has now re-grown, so I am very surprised at its' flower.

6 Oct, 2008


Several of my "I don't know what they're called 'cos got 'em cheap in the market" clematis are still flowering -- even the Spring ones have a couple of flowers on. Freckles is covered in flowers but then she should be as she's a winter flowerer and will keep going through the coldest winter days if she gets enough sun.

10 Oct, 2008

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