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A big suprise


By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Some of the flowers have now opened and I attach a close-up of one of them. Does his confirm the Delphinium ident and if so, is it possible to name the variety?
Best wishes




a weed is a plant in the wrong place.if you dont vissit much then it mite be in the right looks like a typical baught plant seld seeded and quite nice.maybe weight till it rflowers then decide

3 Oct, 2008


It is a Delphinium you are lucky.

3 Oct, 2008


Certainly looks like a delphinium

3 Oct, 2008


Looks like delphinium (or possibly Aconitum) to me too Bernhard. I wish weeds like that would turn up in my garden!,

4 Oct, 2008


Thanks to Inverglen, Jess and Wyeboy for the Delphinium identification. I am delighted, but what on earth is it doing flowering in October? If Aconitum is also a possibility, how will I be able to tell for sure. Should I wait til next year and see how it behaves once it is established? I wonder if a seed was dropped by a bird as recently as August and it germinated and is desperately trying to make up for lost time.

4 Oct, 2008


I have Delphiniums in bud at the moment, but they are on plants which flowered earlier and were cut hard back to encourage another flush of flowers. I won't get any more after these flowers die.... So the answer is - leave it to flower and then cut off the flower stem to the ground and let it die back naturally. When the spring comes, you will need slug/snail protection as the new shoots of Delphiniums are s/s magnets! It isn't an Aconite, I'm sure. Your bird friend brought you a lovely present!

4 Oct, 2008


You sooooo lucky to get this delphinium grow as a weed. Just look after it and you may get more. Mine always die off botritus mildew or flyattack... so well done you.!

4 Oct, 2008


The common name for aconitum is monkshood. If you saw a flower you'd understand why - they look like a monk's cowl. Delphinium flowers are almost flat, held in a vertical plane. So it will be easy to tell them apart, but I go with the majority and think you have a delphinium on your hands.
PS. Aconitums are poisonous

4 Oct, 2008


It is definitely a delphinium, no slug attack, you are lucky!! , wish I had a garden with bits I don't visit very often!! Janet

5 Oct, 2008


very nice picture

12 Oct, 2008


I'm a bit confused about the close-up picture I posted on 3rd October under the question 'a big surprise' because none of the Delphinium pictures I can find look like this one. I don't want to sound like a doubting thomas but are you all sure mine is a Delphinium and if so could anyone identify the variety? I hope I'm not trying your patience too much.

13 Oct, 2008

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