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my cordyline palms are well established at around 4ft high. they are at front of my house under a canopy in pots. can i just leave them there then for winter? the tips are already a little brown. is this normal?

On plant i'm in stockport greater manchester



Hi Taxianne. You don't say where you are in the UK. If they are green ones you should be OK except in the coldest parts. Red and variegated are dodgy in pots but as they are under a canopy you may get away with it. Trouble with pots is the cold has not only the top soil to attack but the sides of the pots too. I've always done better planted out with cordys, palms and cycads.

3 Oct, 2008


all these plants do far better in the ground.a way of doing this is to cut the bottem out ya planters so the roots can spread and get the best of bothe worlds

3 Oct, 2008


Or the worst even? LoL.

3 Oct, 2008


Cordylines generally die if the growing tip get frozen. To safeguard against this lift the leaves up and tie them with a plastic bag over the top. They will be severely restricted in growth in a pot.

3 Oct, 2008


no i said best

4 Oct, 2008


I rescued a cordyline from the skip three years ago and it is still in a pot but with its roots in contact with the soil below. All we do is take off the dead leaves at this time of the year. If yours is in a frosty spot then put in to a sheltered area of garden over winter(if still in Pot) otherwise wrap and protect but don't let it get soggy inside the protection... Wrap only whgen you think it will be afrosty time! Good luck and enjoy. We live in N.Wales so they are quite hardy

4 Oct, 2008


best way many of these plants have you seen looking sad in a pot.check out the ones not in a pot

5 Oct, 2008

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