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Winter Greenhouse!!!!


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

As this is my 1st Winter with my Cold Greenhouse can some 1 kindly tell me when i need2 put up the Bubble Wrap2stop My Plants ect getting the Frost? Many Thanx



Hi jacque, I dont bubblewrap mine, I suppose it depends What you want to protect.. My treefern, Lillies, Canna's and some of my tropicals will be fleeced also. I make sure the door is closed and check on them every few Weeks,,...Dee...
Ps, I would start the bubblewrap now if your using it..

1 Oct, 2008


Hi Dee thanx 4 your Answer il be Growing Annaul/Pereniual Sweetpeas,Over Wintering Geraniums,Gazzias,Bergionias ,

1 Oct, 2008


Hi Jacque, I dont bubble wrap mine either and I successfully grow sweet peas in there. The only problem I get is some powdery mould (only way I can think to describe it), on some of my overwintered geraniums, think it is due to damp conditions. Wonder if anyone has any recommendations for eliminating this? Also interested to know what anyone thinks of those smoke tins that you can light in the greenhouse to help kill off any harbouring diseases, I was thinking of trying one this year after I have cleaned the greenhouse and before I put in my overwintering plants.

2 Oct, 2008


I buble wrap mine just to keep the temp up. With regards to your geraniums Andrea, I get the same. Try to keep them spaced out a bit to allow a bit of air movement. Open the door on nice days to let a bit of fresh air in, along with picking off the affected leaves. Slow up on the watering as well.

2 Oct, 2008


My Greenhouse is in A Open Area of the Garden & may get cold winds so i think il be safer 2 Bubblewrap inside mine 2be on safe side :) thanx every1 for your helpfull replys :)

2 Oct, 2008


I am in the process of bubblwrapping my greenhouse at the moment.I have lot of tender shrubs,such as a very tender Grevillea,campsis,,and others that just will not survive the winter outside where I live.
hubby and I are attempting to use half the area of the greenhouse and build a smaller greenhouse inside,and I am also fleecing as well,The tender shrubs I have were not cheap and I would rather overprotect than underprotect

2 Oct, 2008


Thanks for the tip on the geraniums, has anyone used the smoke tins??

2 Oct, 2008


I used smoke tines some years ago but was told they are no longer available.

2 Oct, 2008


They are available, at least I can buy them from my local garden centre.

2 Oct, 2008


Now Jacque its a biting wind here ,but oen of my greenhoses I dont have heat or bubblewrap and put containers in that I want protected .

Newspaper or fleece.

Other and change to the large bettr insulate bubble wrap its been on all season and I am protecting plants now as it gets colder I use heavy fleece .

Just anything to keep cosy.

3 Oct, 2008

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