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Have no idea what this is


By Apexdv

Fulton / Georgia, United States Us

I have no idea what this plant is. I inherited it from my ex mother-in-law about 12 months ago. At the time the poor thing was in horrible soil and planted directly in a rusty, tin pail but after repotting it has taken off like crazy; I absolutely love the foliage.

It has unruly, woody, tree-like stems with leaves which flag easily if I do not water at least once per week. It loves the sun and deeply reaches for bright light.

I seem to remember her saying it was "supposed to flower and grow small orange-coloured fruit".

Any ideas? Please advise if I should update the photo with a close-up or similar.

Thanks and Best - James




James ~
Don't know what this is, but you seem to be a good gardener!
The plant looks very healthy and happy.
Someone on GoY will identify it.
Meanwhile, welcome to GoY. Enjoy. :o)

1 Oct, 2008

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