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I have 2 amazing banana plants approx 5ft high and 4.5ft leaf span. How do I look after them in the winter - I have no room to bring them inside the house



if its a hardy banana eg the green one all you have to do is mulch the floor round it.i get some electrical tape and tape the leaves tite together over the crown.this works on most leafy plants that need help through winter.i use tape on plants a has a lot of stretch unlike can get it in diferent colours and its easy to snip of in the spring.i hope this has helped.bye the way after five years the plant is strong enough to look after itself

28 Sep, 2008


I place bamboo canes around the plants 4 or 5. Then wrap fleece around the canes, tie some string around the fleece to stop it moving and then I stuff straw down inside the make shift tube. This worked last year and they are very healthy.

28 Sep, 2008


bothe of these ideas will work .the problem isnt so much the cold but water freezing in the plant mainly the tender tip.

29 Sep, 2008

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