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hedging for birds

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I need to replace my lilac (it's too big). I need a hedge about 3-5 ft. Would hawthorn work? Can hawthorn be grown in big pots?. The birds use the lilac en -route to and from the bird feeders so I have to be carefull when choosing.



Hawthorne is very prickly, anything can be grown in a pot or trough. You could cut your Lilac back hard to any height you like and it will recover quickly.
Some good shrubs for a hedge are Elaeagnus, Photinia.
One for the birds is Alder (Alnus Glutinosa), (yellow catkins/cones) are eaten by birds in winter.

28 Sep, 2008


Thanks Doctorbob1, that's really helpful. I don't suppose you know when to plant new potatoes in tubs do you?

28 Sep, 2008


Native birds prefer native plants holly, elder, hawthorn, etc all good choices. Berrys to devour and some good nest sites as well. Plus native insects on native plants and in native birds mouths!!

30 Sep, 2008


Thanks Ronniebrum

I really thought Hawthorn would be good but can I make a hedge of 4ft high with it?


1 Oct, 2008


Yes you can Irene it is a popular Bonsai tree and if you look around the moorlands of the UK you will see many stunted trees. It is also a popular hedgrow tree. The only problem with Hawthorn is if you cut it at the wrong time you cut the flower buds off.

1 Oct, 2008

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