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contaminated manure


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i was one of the unlucky ones that got a load of this manure and as t have an allotment of course i dug it into most of my ground in clueding my roses wisrera and around my outdoor grape i had no graps it did not even flower and as for all outher veg it was a disaster ,i now been told that i cannot plant on my ground for at least 4 years .please is there any thing i can do this winter to help ,val



From all the information I have been reading it is only a year. I am not sure why you have been told 4 years.

Aminopyralid breaks down in the soil once all vegetation has decomposed. It is therefore recommended to rotavate or fork over the soil several times now and again in the summer/autumn next year. You should then be able to plant again.

I am so sorry that you have been affected by this. Just shows how unsafe any pesticide/herbicide can be if not properly regulated.

24 Sep, 2008


This is bad luck, Double dig the ground leaving it rough through the winter. Have a soil test done in the spring, if it is negative you can use again straight away. You can do a simple test yourself by taking soil from the top of your ground and sowing mustard and cress in it on the kitchen windowsill. If that is successful you will know the ground is ok to use.

26 Sep, 2008

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