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Disappointing plum crop

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Why do all the plums turn brown every year and the tree doesn't produce healthy fruit?



Brown rot on plums is a great nuisance. There is very little chemical treatment available. You must remove and dispose of all damaged fruits (including the stalks which should not be left on the tree) even those which drop to the floor. The fungus gets into the fruit when an insect etc. damages the skin of the fruit, so you have to protect against it (very difficult to do.) Other thing is to find a variety which is resistant to it, there are some advertised.

24 Sep, 2008


Sorry but i haven't the answer,could you tell me what sort of plum you grow,i have been looking for victoria plums in the shops but have'nt seen any,perhaps they have had same trouble as you. from sheba

26 Sep, 2008


There was a bad frost and a shortage of bees at blossom time so the plum crop was severely reduced (in Britain). We normally pick 20 to 30 kilos of plums, 100 kilos of damsons and enough greengages to keep us going for a couple of years. This season.....none at all.

27 Sep, 2008

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