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I have had my azalea outside for the summer but since bringing it back inside it has started to drop leaves. What have I done wrong? Thankyou Tracey Hollister



Are you sure it is not a deciduous azalia.?

If it is an indoor azalea, are you sure it is not too warm. They can drop leaves when bought back in if the night time temperature in the house is too hot (should be 45-55 degrees for azaleas)

I presume you have already checked if it has enough water

24 Sep, 2008


Re watering. Azaleas usually have ball of peat around them. You need to be sure this is thoroughly wet before planting elsewhere because it doesn't soak up water very easily from the surrounding soil if planted when moderately dry.

24 Sep, 2008


All plants change their leaves at sometime even evergreens. Just because you notice leaves falling off it does not mean the plant is sick.I think Fleurdemai has the answer.

25 Sep, 2008

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