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Funny tomatoes

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

I picked a few tomatoes yesterday and when i sliced into them, they were all white and sort of fibrous or pithy inside. Quite a few of them are like this. Anybody know whats happened ?A lot of them have split as well, which i know is because of the rainy weather, but this is new to me.



It has ben a very slow growing year for tomatoes, hence the fruit has not matured properly. The skins are tougher than usual.
Watering in the afternoon or evening will also cause them to split.

23 Sep, 2008


An insect pest known as a stinkbug often feeds on tomatoes, leaving a whitish corky or fibrous lesion in the ripe fruit. Cut out damaged parts and use as normal. Google 'stinkbug' for an image of this insect - know your enemy!

23 Sep, 2008

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