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boggy gardens


By Arrty63

United Kingdom

Hi. I am very new to gardening and have no real experience but want to tackle my front and back garden. The problem is that both gardens are really wet and boggy most of the time both summer and winter alike.
Have you got any ideas or information what is the best plan of action is for such a garden please?



I'm new too and have had similar problems with over wet grass i stabbed mine with a falk and used airator shoes (shoes with spikes on the bottom) this helps it to drain a little another GOY member surgessted adding a little sand to the holes to help with drainage.

The use of gravel can help to as well as adding a slight slop to flower beds and so on so that the flowers and plants are at the hghest point of the bed and the water can drain to the bottom and through the gravel if added hope this helps.

Nice Gease by the way.

22 Sep, 2008


You could stop fighting and turn some of it into a Bog Garden, with a pond and Goldfish. or a real wildlife pond with sloping edges and encourage the Frogs and Newts.. or build up some raised beds or raised paths, to allow easy access to flower beds. Yes I like the Geese too. No one will trepass on your lawn, with them there.

22 Sep, 2008


I suffered with a wet boggy garden and I didnt fight it but went with it. Take a peek at some of my pics.
I dug a small trench and filled it with gravel, this n ow looks like a dry stream bed. I planted a minature Gunnera as well as a willow dome to help suck all the water up.

The other option is to improve the drainage.

Hope this helps.

22 Sep, 2008

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