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The tree in our garden. What is it? We moved in 23 years ago,when this tree was about 6ft. high.

P1000305 P1000306



It looks like a Scots Pine to me - but I'm not a conifer expert. Does it have lots of cones?

1 Mar, 2011


I agree.

Having had a forest full of them at the bottom of the garden for many a year i would say that it is a Scots Pine.

As there is only one i would say that a seed was dropped by a bird

1 Mar, 2011


Not scots, probably Pinus strobus

1 Mar, 2011


It's a pine but not a Scots Pine. The leaves in the picture are long and thin, in a Scots Pine they are shorter and fatter. It looks like an American or Southern European pine tree, like a Corsican Pine, which is grown in the UK as a timber tree.

You have a nice, attractive, looking tree in your garden whatever it is.

1 Mar, 2011


Yes, very nice! Much nicer than the Xmas trees some people insist on 'releasing' into the garden after they've done their stuff in December!

1 Mar, 2011


Thank you for the replies and for sharing your knowledge and experience.
It does have a lot of cones...

1 Mar, 2011


The needles in the second picture are too long for a Scots. Probably one of the Mediteranean pines.

1 Mar, 2011


Judging by these pics this tree is a five needled pine, all hardy mediterranean pines including Corsican (Pinus nigra) are all two needled pines, so is scots! (Pinus sylvestris) highly unlikely to be anything other than a strobus. A close up pic of the cones and foliage should confirm this.

1 Mar, 2011

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