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how can I rid my pathways and walls of moss



Hi, well there are lots of chemical agents out there for the killing of moss and lichen. However this only gets temporary results the real problem you face is that moss only grows in ideal conditions, you I'm afraid seem to have the ideal conditions, so even if you get rid of it, it will almost certainly come back, so really your best bet is regular maintenance of your hard surfaces (walls and pathways). You just have to keep on top of it, idealy you would change the conditions however this might not be practical, has it might mean removing something you either don't want to remove i.e. a tree or can't remove i.e. a house in order to relieve the area of shade.

If it's just moss using a power washer on it every couple of months might suffice or it could possibly be a drainage problem and your paths are subject to too much water, but in the case of your walls they're probably just not in a great position to stay moss free.

hope this helped.

14 Sep, 2008


strong bleech water will do it. and bleech becomes quite safe quite quickly believe it or not . your pathways etc are obviously quite damp areas

14 Sep, 2008

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