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I live in Cyprus and have a small orchard which has an irrigation system. This year, all my fruit fell off the trees before it was ready to pick and many were rotten. Am I either watering too much, or too little?



I know Cyprus very well and I would say ask the locals. You have had and are having another very hot summer. I hope it doesn't break up too much brfore we make our annual visit in Nov. !!! But I am sure some rain would be welcome.

13 Sep, 2008


We live in a small village in Cyprus and I must say our Cypriot neighbours are extremely helpful when it comes to giving us advice on gardening, but my husband is a little embarrassed to admit a crop failure!!! Silly, I know. Anyhow, I suspect the draught conditions may have something to do with this too. The weather forecast is for some rain in the next couple of days, hopefully, and we can't wait, especially after such a hot summer. We have lived her now for 6.5 years and have loved every minute. We will be harvesting our olives in another 6-8 weeks too.
November is a great time to visit the island and especially if you like biking. Have a great holiday and thanks for responding to my query.

13 Sep, 2008


I can understand your husband. The Cypriots are very proud people and never wrong!!!!!! But we love them.

13 Sep, 2008


How right you are. We luv em too. Can't wait for the first rains and woke up this morning to a very dewy dawn. We are very fortunate to have the most wonderful wild mushrooms growing in the fields all around my home during the winter months, but we need rain to get them going. They are just delicious!

14 Sep, 2008

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