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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

I still do not know what kind of tree this is. It's evergreen like most around here, but don't recognize it. (Our state is called the evergreen state). Any ideas? Thank you :)




Larch I think. Are you sure it is evergreen.

13 Sep, 2008


Bluespruce will know. Hope he sees the question!

13 Sep, 2008


I also think it looks like a larch,I have one but it is deciduous

13 Sep, 2008


It certainly looks very similar to larch but ... with little nagging doubt in my mind I went to Hutchinsons and found Common Larch (European) and North American tamarack (L. laricina).
No pictures of the latter but you may have other sources to try now that you've got a Latin name.
The North American is deciduous as are all larches. If your tree is definitely evergreen then it isn't larch.

13 Sep, 2008


Thanks, It is definately evergreen in that it looks just like that the whole year.

13 Sep, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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