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Anyone know how tall a contained mahonia may reach?
The one I have is about five feet and growing....



I have a Mahonia but mine is planted in ground and must be 6ft and I keep pruning every yr and still it grows .

But they are so beautiful.

I think you should prune well back Begoniafan.

13 Sep, 2008


what's your Mahonia Aquifolium or x media

13 Sep, 2008


Depends on the size of the pot.

13 Sep, 2008


I have no clue which one it is I'm afraid.....I would have to upload a photo.
Scotkat- how much do you prune....? I have had this one about maybe 3-4yrs and only ever occasionally lightly pruned it. Now it looks like a 'standard' with a very tall stem before the branches at the top end.

13 Sep, 2008


Mahonias take very well to pruning. Immediately after flowering, the main stem can be cut just above a leaf joint. I have done this twice to my mahonia, taking it from eight feet down to about three and it hasn't minded at all

14 Sep, 2008


Andrew is right , they are better pruned hard and you will get many more flowers on it.

15 Sep, 2008

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