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Strawberry plants


By Weerose

United Kingdom Gb

How would I be best growing them in a large strawberry pot or in the garden. I have not had much success in the garden Any suggestions??



No, they would die if the temperature falls below freezing. They need to be brought in for the winter.

12 Sep, 2008


When you say you haven't had much success, What do you mean? Didn't they have any strawberries? the trouble with them is they don't like wet weather and tend to go mouldy at ground level. I notice that the pick-your-own growers round here are now growing in poly-tunnels with the containers raised up to about waist height. They don't die in winter outside, just the leaves above ground disappear.But they obviously get a better yield with some protection and they avoid the slug damage by raising them up.

15 Sep, 2008

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