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Blooming Cannas!

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I seperated a large canna into several plants but they have not come into flower.Is it too late for them to flower this year?
Thanks to all.Dee



Getting a bit late to hope for flowers this year. I had cannas growing in pots 2 years ago but they didn't flower particularly well although the roots were filling the pots. I divided then into several pieces and potted them up separately and overwintered in a cold greenhouse. This year I planted them out in a sunny border and they have produced a forest of blooms starting in July and still going. Don't give up - next year may be their year!

11 Sep, 2008


I divided my cannas at the beginning of last year and they all flowered. However this year, although most of them came out of winter storage okay, they've only produced a few leaves each and no signs of any flowers whatsoever. I'm assuming its just been too cold and wet for them. Fingers crossed for better luck (and weather!) next year, I'll certainly be trying again!

12 Sep, 2008


Thanks for all your help..I will not banish them just yet..I will leave them til next year..they have been granted another chance!

12 Sep, 2008

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