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Flag Iris


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

When do these nead pruned?



They don't get pruned, Scotkat - did you think they should be???? You could cut off the dead flower stems after flowering but that's all,

9 Sep, 2008


And clean out the dead and grubby bits while your at it.I sound like Victor again , sorry !!!!

9 Sep, 2008


Hi Victor - how are you today???

9 Sep, 2008


Thankyou Shendry I was just checking was not sure as in some gardens around us noticed folk pruning to base.

Thanks for advice.

9 Sep, 2008


Apart from the advice given above, every few years you will find the flower power dropping off as the rhizomes get congested. If this happens, dig up the iris imeediately after flowering, discard the old rhizomes and replant the new ones. Foliage should be cut back by about half at this time to prevent wind rock while the roots are re-establishing themselves

9 Sep, 2008


Andrew thank you as one of my Ladies gardens I tidy has these and hers are tall and are planted in a windy corner.

You have answered my ? totally.

Weather damp drizzle a complete change from yesterday ,still out in gardens just forgot one of my tools so popped back.

If rain comes on heavy going into tidy my greenhouse.

9 Sep, 2008

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