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Seaweed on a gravel yard

United Kingdom

I live in Wiltshire on the side of a slight hill - we have water running off the fields after it rains [ heavy clay] which then flows away across a gravel yard.

After a wet period sea weed like vegetable matter appear on the surface of the gravel - there are no apparent roots or attachment.

During the dry summer days [ remember them] these plants shrivel and die away.

Does anyone know what type of plant it is and how to curb it ??





Couild be a pearlwort (Sagina) overfed by farm fertilizer
Water the whole area with solution of Armillatox 30mls. to 1 gallon of water. Covers 9 square yards in March and October or after heavy rain.
Jeyes fluid can be used but not so effective.
Can you make a bank or barrier to prevent the muddy water coming on to your ground?.

9 Sep, 2008

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