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Lovely Hosta


By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

We have a nice Hosta (see pic) left here by the previous owner, so we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't attacked by slugs or snails. Its in a pot which is very rough on the outside and we wonder if this has discouraged
the Hosta lovers. It is of some concern that it may be getting pot bound but we're reluctant to de-pot it and plant it in the ground. we are aware that some plants (we don't know which) actually benefit from having the roots constricted, if the Hosta would be happy in this situation we would leave it where it is, otherwise we'll have to de-pot it and it will have to take its chances in a world dominated by snails and slugs. Any of you lovely people have any thoughts?





It will benefit from taking out and dividing if you think it is pot bound.Hostas do start to suffer after a few years. Why not take it out of the pot in early Spring chop it into 4 pieces making sure you have some blueish shoots on each piece then have 5 pots of Hostas. This year I tried copper bands around the outside of the pot for the first time and it seemed to work to prevent the slugs.

8 Sep, 2008


In my experience a hosta being in a pot won't keep slugs away. I've found them hiding under the pot during the day.

8 Sep, 2008


Slugs & snails, generally will not cross over a copper band.

9 Sep, 2008


I have a large hosta that's been in a pot for several years and is still going strong. An old gardener advised me to put vaseline around the rim of the pot to deter slugs and snails and it certainly seems to work.

9 Sep, 2008


I've alsu put sand and/or sawdust around hostas. Slugs don't like the texture and won't cross it (I guess it sticks to them).

9 Sep, 2008


I have also used vaseline around the rims. Take a look at my hostas in my photos and you will see the copper band on the first pot.

11 Sep, 2008


I have also tried Copper Bands on the pots and they work a treat - until this year I never got to see my Hostas with leaves as the Slugs and Snails murdered them before they even got going. This year nothing got past the Copper Tape - I used the type with a jagged edge which keeps off the more persistent snails.

25 Oct, 2008

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