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Planting Garlic


By Ban

United Kingdom Gb

Thank you guys for giving me tips on cleaning up me new allotment. I'm still digging it up small section at a time.
I want to plant garlic, I hear now is a good time to plan it. Please give me tips on how to plant it and take care of it.



I'm thinking of giving this a go myself i've just moved into a new house with a huge garden not a lot in it when we moved in i'm trying to brghten it up.

I've dug over one bed which was already there and put in another next to it for veg i've planted sweet peas spring cabbage and purple broc oh onions too however my farther in law and sister have both said that its the wrong time of the year and they wont come to anything but one GOY friend said that they should be fine as did the lady at the garden centre who sold me the baby plants what do you think.

Sorry this isn't helping you with the Garlic but when i get mine maybe we can compare tips and tricks.

Good luck and Hi,

8 Sep, 2008


we will plant out our garlic bulbs mid oct . before that i will buy a bag of well rotted farm manure and dig this in, top dress with a fish blood and bone fertlizer. do this about 2 weeks before you intend to plant out, then follow instructions on packaging. buy good quality garlics from garden centre , a pack of three will give you about 24 garlics next them if possible , to keep birds off until they get established.
2 years ago we planted out garlics and the next night we had big frosts , still grew!! so the cold weather does not affect them.hope this helps

9 Sep, 2008


Steve: How long do they take to produce the garlics my sister has told me that they take around 2 years this cant be so can it.

Oh it does help thanks

9 Sep, 2008

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