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I have done it!


After havesting 12 garlics, thought I had to try to plait!

Well, it was very difficult, but there it is, kind of done, and hung up in the kitchen..!!!

I have 8 more, different to this garlic to harvest… not ready yet though, and 1 of which is a giant garlic, still going very strong!

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Looks a bit like my hair this morning, not sure if it's long enough to plait though...7/10 for effort.

4 Jul, 2011


Well done. Hope you are having a good time on GoY. Enjoy your garden.

4 Jul, 2011


Oh good ! That looks nice :o)

4 Jul, 2011


Well done nonoshuk!

Green hair Grannyb?

4 Jul, 2011


You've done a good job with your garlic plait :)

4 Jul, 2011


Hi Grannyb!, this green hair is becoming very brown...! Now a little regretting that I didn't tie very tight when I plaited!!!!

6 Jul, 2011


Bit like my hair, brown at the end, but a little grey at the roots.LOL

7 Jul, 2011


Hi Oliveoil, Thank you! Well, can't wait to start eating them!

7 Jul, 2011


Hi Hywel, Thank you! Ha ha, I couldn't have done it a bit tighter... maybe for the next lot!!

7 Jul, 2011


Hi, Stickitoffee! Thank you!

7 Jul, 2011


Hi Whistonlass, Thank you! Now fearing that it all go fall apart when I pick one out!!!

7 Jul, 2011

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