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Butternut Squash


By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Ian is cutting up a butternut squash and wondered if you can save the seeds to grow next year. Would they just need drying, or could you plant them now and in which medium please.



sorry i dont know the answer but ive just finished my dinner whitch had roasted butternut squash on, it was delicious so i'll be pleased to see the answer to your question too. take care

7 Sep, 2008


Yumm....yum....Lyd, think ours is going to be mashed!

7 Sep, 2008


Yes, I save mine, melon, squash, pumpkin, cucumbers,
etc. Just space seeds between two sheets of absorbant paper, dry naturally and gently, Plant the whole sheet when it is time. Remember this works for old heritage or pure varieties, but F1 seeds won't come true to type, you will get a mixture of parent seeds. I save other seeds this way too, tomatoes (gogi berries grew from dried fruit bought from a shop), cape gooseberries, passion fruit, Saves a lot of mony on seeds, Good luck.Take the seeds from a well developed ripe veg or fruit not immature. Remember to label the paper so you know which it is, eg variety of tomato

7 Sep, 2008


Many thanks TM, will do just that.

7 Sep, 2008


If you can get hold of some pataks prawn bachilow, here is a lovely soup recipe

Stock - Veg or chicken stock cubes will do
I onion
Prawn bachilow ( curry/ prawn paste)
1 butternut cubed

Saute the onion till soft,
add prawn bachilow to taste fry briefly ( curry/ prawn paste)
add required amount of stock
add cubed butternut squash cook till tender
liquidise no thickening needed the squash makes it smooth and thickens beautifully,
Add some prawns heat thoroughly but don't overcook or it toughens prawns. Add a swirl of cream or soured cream
and enjoy Yummie.

7 Sep, 2008


Wow, that sounds really scrummyTM, looking forward to trying this. Thanks so much for that!

7 Sep, 2008


Don't know about the seeds, but I grew butternut squashes again this year and they took a third of the growing space up on the large plot. I did have about seven squashes with more to come although I've just moved house so the enxt person will have found one or two. I peel the outer skin away then take the seed section out,slice my squash up into double chip sizes and sprinkle oil on then roast in the oven reg 200 for about 40 minutes until just going crispy, Lovely. Lindak.

1 Nov, 2008


I saved seed dried between two layers of kitchen paper as long as it's a heritage variety not a hybrid plant should come true to seed

3 Nov, 2008

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