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Summer containers nealry over


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

How are everyone else containers now looking.

Nead to cheer up front containers .



Mine are about finished Scotkat. I took the lobelia out so just have some geraniums at the moment. The fuchsias in the tubs are finished too........ I bought some grasses, 2 bluey green and two yellow ones, think I'll put these in the tubs with maybe winter pansies and some variegated trailing ivy....... Its time to plant daffs now, so maybe some miniature ones like tete-a-tete would be nice for Spring, coming up through the pansies...... The pansy colour I thought was fabulous last Winter was Apricot with white, a small golden upright conifer, and variegated ivy........Miniature conifers with maybe hardy cyclamen work well too, then you have some small conifers for next year!

7 Sep, 2008


Janey great minds think a like just geraniums and think maybe by the end of the week will be lifting them to.

Yes have already bought grasses and pansies and bulbs stiill to get my cyclamen.

Although this year summer shows have been short due to weather.

7 Sep, 2008


My large blue pot is still looking great but some of the others are certainly in need of new plants. The wall trough looks really tatty and everything in it will HAVE TO GO! The Verbenas have finished flowering - they were the most disappointing, I think. So I need to get some winter Pansies and Festuca glauca to go with them. Definitely some small bulbs are needed underneath ready for the spring! I'll do some planning and then head off on a shopping expedition next week. What fun!

7 Sep, 2008


It is Spritz! I'm going to treat myself to some beautiful deep peach coloured tulips I saw the other day, for Spring. There's so many container plants now and bulbs, at one garden centre they were selling a collection of plants and bulbs for your Winter tubs, in a variety of colour combinations, you just had to plant them!

7 Sep, 2008


Pulled alot of mine out they looked so auful all leggy and moth eaten they have declined very very quickly like within a few days. i've put pansies and bulbs in for the spring i hope they come up what else could i plant to give some colour over the winter months something easy.

8 Sep, 2008


You could try a small skimmia winter pansies ivy heather and cyclamen.You could include some early bulbs like dwarf iris and narcissus - could all be planted out when you do spring containers so no waste.

9 Sep, 2008


I bought some winter pansy's on sunday, must admit not planted them yet.I've only got about one large pot now that looks quite well at the moment.

9 Sep, 2008


Thanks i'll have a look at these. It will be nice to have some colour on these damp dank days rain rain and more rain yuk :~(

9 Sep, 2008

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