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Yellow drumstick herb flower

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

I wondered if anyone could let me know what plant I am trying to describe. It is a low growing plant that is usually in a herb garden. The flower stems are upright and have small singular drumstick type flowers on each of the stems. I would love this plant in my herb garden and I know it is pretty common, but I don't have a clue what it is. Thanks in advance.



Found it! Santolina, or cotton lavendar and it comes in a few different shades from cream to bright yellow, lovely plant with greyish green evergreen foliage.

25 Jan, 2008


Have a look here
for a lot of info on this plant.

25 Jan, 2008


hi Andrea, i have one of these - did'nt know it was a herb, but it is a really interesting plant, but i think it only flowers from the previous years growth, as last year i cut it back in spring as it was looking a bit straggly and there was loads of new growth underneath - but i now realise it was a mistake as it did'nt flower. and i saw some in a park near me in full flower. but it only had flowers on the old growth.

25 Jan, 2008


I have placed an order of 3 plants from 3 different types of Santolina (9 plants in total), I have been doing some research and it is best to prune it in October and it should flower, however it does get leggy and woody and can be pruned hard, but you will lose the flowers that particular year as it will sulk! I have a circular area which is about 8-9ft across and I have 2 upstanding railway sleepers opposite each other where I have a hammock. This is over wood chip so it is a safe landing in case the occupant drinks too much wine! I have planted herbs and heavily scented plants to get a nice sensory experience whilst swinging away looking up at the sky. The Santolina will add some much needed colour and it shouldn't take over as I've ordered mostly dwarf varieties. Thanks for the tips guys I'll check out that website x

25 Jan, 2008


sounds heavenly Andrea - i especially like the wine bit! lol

26 Jan, 2008

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