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Thornless blackberry

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We have a thornless blackberry plant which is flourishing after two years but has no flowers or fruit on it. It is against a fence facing southeast.



i also have one of these, it's 2years old , fruited last year , but didn't produce any new growth, so this year it did, which should mean fruit again next year. i was under the impression that once it had produced fruit , you cut back those shoots to the ground and it sends out new shoots which bear fruit the following year. so i cut mine back and nothing happened for a whole year!!it maybe that these plants take a few years to settle in , so don't panic , next year might be fine....steve

5 Sep, 2008


This fruits on growth produced the previous year, so don't cut off any unfruited branches. Tie them in and wait (hopefully) for next year. If you need more plants, peg down a fruited branch and it will root where it touches the soil. Once the plant gets going you'll get lots off painless fruit.

5 Sep, 2008


i agree with the above answers,but would like to add ttat it may pay to mulch round the base of the plants and maybe give the occasional feed with potash

5 Sep, 2008

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