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How can i deal with a 1 acre field full of brambles. part 3


By Fabtabi

United Kingdom Gb

So where is the best place to by some roundup glyhosate triple strength from ?? Do local gardening centres sell it or will i have to find a farming centre. ??



Go to your local gardening centre but... you will STILL have to clear out all the rubbish before you can seed with grass or anything else so why not do that first? Then you may find that you can have the land ploughed which will be much better.

9 Aug, 2009


yes i think your right, but even once iv got rid of the rubbish, will i still have to kill it all first before ploughing, so that it wont grow back?? I mean i know some of it still probably will, but at the moment every inch of the 1 acre has got ankle length shoots growing out of it from whats left of the brambles that iv strimmed.

9 Aug, 2009


Hi Fabtabi, Mix SBK with paraffin, spray the whole area, leave for 2 weeks. Then go over the whole area with a flame gun and burn off.
You may have some builders working around who require a dump for top soil. Get in as much as you can, top dress. Sow your seed in the spring.
Google for weedkiller suppliers in your area.

9 Aug, 2009


Agreed about ploughing, all you would do then is spread the roots around even more.
Try a Farm Supply outlet, there are usually some in most Country districts.
Never tried the SBK and parafin method so cannot comment on it, but a proper flame gun is not cheap and unless you have plenty of water available then burning may be a dangerous thing to do. Certainly would have done no good here when we found staches of old gas cyclinders in various places.

9 Aug, 2009


Flame guns can be hired, I have tried and proved that method, but as Owdboggy says take precautions when playing with fire, go over the area with a metal detector.

9 Aug, 2009


Use a really large power strimmer or mower for cutting down undergrowth. Mow the lot down with the mower set as low as possible on the second cut. Then mow again a couple of weeks later. Then mow again two weeks later. Then mow again. Then spray any new young growth with some ordinary glyphosate and you will find the brambles have virtually disappeared. You need to do this over the active growing season.
The other approach is to mow everything down and then cover the whole area with black plastic for around a year, weighed down with bricks. You can often get plastic from farmers who have used it to cover their silage piles or new from agricultural suppliers.

9 Aug, 2009


Have a 'field clearing party'. I'm sure you would have loads of volunteers amongst your friends and family, especially if the weather was nice and you put on a picnic. I'd come!!!!

10 Aug, 2009

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