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By Harli

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I had mentioned before that I would let you know how my grapes are doing, and as you can see, they are great!
I read the other day that I needed to go out and trim the large leaves above that provides a canopy so the sun can get right on the grapes, so did that. They still have a month to go, and I see lots of grape jam and grape juice in our future. However, they will have to be pruned this year and I'm terrified to even try. It would break my heart if I killed it. There is a reason I have silk plants in my home. Ha Ha




Well done with the grape harvest! What, no bottles of wine??? Harli, you will have to get good advice on vine-pruning and do it or get somebody else to do the deed. I have a grapevine which is ornamental, though it does have little bunches of grapes. They would probably be edible (or drinkable) with lots of sunshine. The vine goes MAD if I don't keep it in check. That reminds me, I have to cut it back - but it's raining (again) so that will be the next job when it's drier outside.

4 Sep, 2008


Spritzhenry ~ Im afraid Im not a wine person, I just never acquired a taste for it and saw no reason to force myself.
Im thinking I will hire someone to prune for me this first year, and watch him like a hawk.
Im off to bed, it's 3:00 in the morning here.

4 Sep, 2008


The correct time to prune grape vines is between leaf fall and Christmas. Any other time, the sap is rising and the plants will bleed badly (or even fatally).

4 Sep, 2008


Andrew - my vine leaves are falling NOW! It will soon be bald... LOL. So IF it EVER stops raining, I am off out to cut back the creeping stems that have invaded my Eleagnus, my Pittosporum and my Photinia! It is a climb up the steps job and hard to do due to the tough tendrils on the vine!

4 Sep, 2008

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