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Acer Palmatum


By Terrna

United Kingdom Gb

I bought an Acer earlier this year from a local garden centre. It is the one with the darkish finely-divided leaves. Just this last week all the leaves have fallen off although the stems are still green. Can anyone tell me why this has happened and will it produce more leaves next year?



Acers are a bit temperamental. They don't like windy conditions or drops in temperatures, or even sun after rain - the leaves scorch! Is your Acer in an exposed position? They do prefer to be sheltered. Think about all these, then move it when dormant if necessary or if it's in the right place, wait until the spring and keep your fingers crossed!

3 Sep, 2008


I have an Acer - not sure what the name of it is though. It's about 2 years old, still quite small. The first year all the leaves fell off and all I was left with were bare stems. I kept it just outside the conservatory in a sheltered spot this year and it has done quite well. The stems have quite a few leaves on - they were very dark burgundy colour to start with, now they're starting to turn a greenish mottles with red, very nice combinaion of colours. I left it out over the winter. So I'd say, don't worry, keep it in a sheltered spot away from wind, as the leaves burn in the wind. I'm sure it will come back next year.

3 Sep, 2008

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