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I have a tree (ash?) that is about 18ft high and is placed at the end of a hedge. The tree appears to have been killed by the ivy that has grown on it. Is it worth trying to revive the tree by killing the ivy this winter or should I just accept that the tree is dead, take off the protruding branches and make it into an "ivy" tree or take the whole thing out because the ivy might spread to the hedge?



Firstly, you don't seem sure that your tree was an Ash. Could it have been an Elm? These poor trees get to a certain height and then succumb to Dutch Elm Disease and die. I may be wrong, but I didn't think that Ivy kills trees. I think that the 'Ash' may have died and the Ivy has just climbed up. If the tree is indeed dead, then no, removing the Ivy will not revive it. The Ivy will spread, that is the trouble with it! So if you don't want it in the hedge, cut through the stems at the base of the Ivy to kill it. Have you got anybody near you with an open fire or a log burner? Ash logs are THE BEST! I wish you lived near me!

3 Sep, 2008

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