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Marestail or Horsetail weed

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How do I get rid of this ****** WEED
it's taking over my garden

On plant Equisetum arvense




The advice given to get rid of this 'orrible weed is to trample it to bruise it, then use glyphosate weedkiller - this will have to be done several times. BE CAREFUL to spray it on a very still day, or else you will kill off precious plants too! Also wear a mask. I believe that some people cover it with black plastic or old carpet to try to smother it - however, this has to be left in place for two years to have any effect. Not very attractive. Another idea is to grass over the area and to mow repeatedly - this also takes a couple of years to get rid of it. No quick or easy answers, I'm afraid.

3 Sep, 2008


We have tried all these methods and none seem to work.
We have sprayed with a mixture of Grazon and Roundup this killed the top growth but it is now all coming back again.
The other side of our fence is a field which is smothered with ........... marestail and it creeps under the fence.
We are fighting a losing battle
Good luck with yours Dick

3 Sep, 2008


Oh Amy - maybe you should treat it as a very precious plant to be cossetted and fed - then it would definitely die! LOL. (P.S. I know it's not funny, really).

3 Sep, 2008


Thinking about it we have decided that if we can get hold of some old carpet tiles it might help if we could lay a length of them on the field side , I don,t think the owners would even notice there so many brambles and rubbish that side , it might create a break which the marestail wouldn,t cross , I don,t hold out much hope , we already have carpet tiles under bark our side and it,s still coming up amongst the shrubs there .
Luckily we then have our driveway with gravel on it , it does come up in it but hasn,t crossed it YET ........
I like your idea of looking after it Spritz. maybe we could eat it lol

4 Sep, 2008

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