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Wicks Compost 4 for £10


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

Has anyone else tryed and tested this?

I got mine tonight,I have plants needing repotted so shall test compost tomorrow.

Be interested to here views.



I bought them, when opened, it did not feel like compost, but very fine clean earth. The colour was earth colour not
the usual black, that I know compost usually look like.
I am not too pleased with it.

2 Sep, 2008


Michaella I saw this on Jacques blog and decided to give a chance .

Thankyou can mix in with other compost .

When used how did it perform with your plants ?

3 Sep, 2008


Yea, I mixed it in the flower beds. No difference to me really, I shall stick to farm manure next time.

3 Sep, 2008


Just opened and its multi compost and is perfect and is black.

Its really good and I am happy with it.

3 Sep, 2008


i also bought this compost on special offer at Easter. I found it to be perfectly adequate. I've used it all summer and all my seedlings, repottings,herbs, tomatoes,etc have come up lovely, (in my experience,that is, which isn't much). But still, I was pleased with it. (My feller says I'm easily pleased, he should know).

3 Sep, 2008


Hello Mazzistar glad to here you to are happy with your compost.

I have tryed and tested many composts and each only got 3 for £10 or over £5 per bag and sometimes still twigs or hard lumps of compost.

This is as good as the compost I was using at the start of the season Bullrush but it was much dearer.

3 Sep, 2008

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