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I have a 14" x 4"" garden. It is very muddy with poor drainage and nothing seem to grow and when it does the vegs are very small. Can adding sand help?

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I would be tempted to add lots of organic matter rather then sand

25 Nov, 2010


Agree with Anchorman - get as much humus rich material as you possibly can into the soil.

25 Nov, 2010


Sand is not going to help, as has already been said lots of good humus rich organic matter. Well rotted manure, compost, soil improver. Then you can also mulch even grass clippings are good for this or newspaper.

25 Nov, 2010


Is your house less than 30 yrs old? if so, the soil is likely to be poor, and on top of house building debris. I'd agree with the above replies, but have you considered raised beds. This would help with drainage.

26 Nov, 2010


Yes, I think raised beds too. It will also provide some good structure for the little garden. Take some photos to show us too!

26 Nov, 2010


or a rased pond mite be nice .

26 Nov, 2010


To grow vegetables NP?

26 Nov, 2010


Water chestnuts, nut grass, cattails, celery, rice....Sorry, Noseypotter, I couldn't resist!

Seriously, in my experience, adding coarse sand does help, but only in massive quantities--1/4-1/3 of the mixture--in conjuction with organic matter and/or gypsum. Another caveat with using sand is to remove the soil from the bed to mix it, and scatch a cm or so of the mixture into the bottom of the bed, to form a transition layer, or the sudden change of soil texture will stop drainage itself.

If the drainage is bad because it is a low spot, and the water table is close there, your only recourse is a raised bed, or put the veggies somewhere else, and make a pond or bog garden.

27 Nov, 2010


very funny moon grower you are a card at least your on the ball . no i was thinking as another option . you are a one lol x .

27 Nov, 2010


well rice is meant to be good for you so perhaps a very small paddy field NP - lol!

27 Nov, 2010


lol mg x .

28 Nov, 2010

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