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How can I improve clay soil?



With difficulty but this link might help;

5 May, 2012


Add all the humus you can find and some coarse grit. Even a mulch of lawn mowings , though they do deplete the nitrogen while rotting. If you have autumn leaves spread them on the lawn and mow them, and use the bits as a deep mulch over the winter. Empty all your used compost onto the soil. If it is acid clay a dressing of lime wouldn't come amiss.

5 May, 2012


I find this a never ending battle every year I add lots of home made compost and leaf mould both mixed with grit. The best way I find coping with clay soil is to plant clay soil lovers where possible as clay soil is rich in nutrients and a considerable range of plants will do very well.

6 May, 2012


Loads and loads of humus and grit added over the years will make the soil much easier to work. I collect horse manure as well and it all helps. Roses like clay... I have lots of climbers with clematis intertwining, all seem very happy on clay.

6 May, 2012


Isn't it nice when we all agree?

6 May, 2012


it takes years!! Lots of manure, compost, leaf mould. Mine is rather nice now after years of conditioning. But don't be put off, I see it as taming the garden!!

7 May, 2012


But you'll notice it's a little easier to work each year as long as you add stuff as above.

7 May, 2012

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