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Can hibiscus be left out over winter?

can they be left out over winter

On plant Hibiscus



Hi Saybrook - can you tell us some more about the Hibiscus please? Also if possible, post a photo. There are different types of Hibiscus and it also depends on where you are - in the UK or elsewhere? If it is one of the pot-plant varieties, no, it is tender and can't stay out. Need more info!!!

20 Jan, 2008


There are Hardy varieties and Non Hardy,so a name would be good.

20 Jan, 2008


yes more info please, usally the more hardy varieties are purple, pink or blue, and would be bought from a garden centre as an outside plant. the brighter colours with the big yellow fluffy bits that come out of the centre, are usally bought from florist or supermarket as a house plant, - if this helps!

20 Jan, 2008

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