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What is this houseplant?


By Doglet

Atlanta, GA, United States Us

This plant was a gift and I love it, but have no clue what it is so I can give it proper care. I have managed to keep it alive for 3 years, but with very little new growth. Please help!




hi Doglet, i must admit it's not one i know! - which is unusal for me being a florist, usually pretty good with the house plants, it looks like some kind of fern, i will consult my books shortly and see if i can find it for you. but judging by the pic i would say that whatever it is in need to be repotted, you should find this will give it a new lease of life. i'll get back to ya! - and love the cute pic Doglet, how sweet!

20 Jan, 2008


ha-ha! are you by any chance in the U.S.? because i think i have just found it. i am in the U.K. and it is a plant not often seen here but more common in the States. i think you have a Cibotium schiedei. which is a type of fern. as it is not one i know myself so i will just relay what it says in my book:

Extremely graceful with arching fronds and capable of producing an 8ft trunk (obviously would have to be in a very big pot for this to happen!) indirect sunlight. does not like to much shade or sun, somewhere inbetween. compost to be kept moist at all times do not allow to dry out. needs air humidity - bathroom ideal or misting daily. average temp 60 - 70 F. hope this helps!

20 Jan, 2008


Well, majeeka - I don't agree with you on this one. I think it might be a Grevillea robusta as in the previous answer - but you are usually right... Welcome, Doglet, to GoY. Hope you enjoy the site!

20 Jan, 2008


Thanks, Majeekahead, Spritzhenry & Nannydigit! I guess I didn't expect such a prompt response and I really appreciate it. I looked at pics of both suggestions and I think it probably looks more like the Cibotium schiedei. I've already moved it to the bathroom for better lighting and more humidity. I'll repot it very soon and look forward to watching it thrive.

Yes, I am in the U.S. -- Atlanta, GA.
Thanks again!

20 Jan, 2008


mmmmm.... i just looked up Grevillea robusta, and you could be right on this spritz. apparently the tell tale sign of this is the underside of the leaf is silky, hense the common name 'silk oak' so Doglet, is the underside of the leaf silky? if so i would agree with spritz and say Grevillea. if not then could be my first saggestion. if it is Grevillea it needs to be a bit dryer than the fern. the picture i have of the fern is not a photo, but it does look very much like your plant and also the picture i have of the Grevillea. if you are still not sure after checking the underside of the leaf you could always try typing both of the botanical names in google and see what pictures and info come up. thats what i do if i get really stuck. good luck with it.

20 Jan, 2008


glad to be of some help Doglet!

20 Jan, 2008

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