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Control of Aphids

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I have some tarragon and greek basil which are covered in either whitefly or greenfly. I did have them indoors, but I have read on the blogs that washing them keeps their numbers down so I have just put them outside (its raining), and put them with the other herbs (I've read different herb scents given off act as a biological deterrent).

I bought these plants to eat organically so could anyone provide some futher biological control tips please?

also one stem of the greek basil is withered and brown (see photo). Green Aphids can be seen walking all over it (again see photo). Have they caused this as well. how can I improve/cure it?

On plant Greek basil




The white fly was my problem last year and I kept them relatively under control by hanging a yellow fly paper strip just above the plants (I used a bird feeder stake) and tapping or shaking the plant as often as possible. Aphids do have predators and you can purchase them from organic control companies. The brown withered stems was the problem I had this year and could not find a reason or cure so have had to remove all basil plants early, so not a good year for it. Hopefully, next year the Basil will be in better condition. Don't know if this is very helpful to you, but at least you know you are not alone.

31 Aug, 2008


Get a spray can, mix in a good squirt of washing up liquid and spray your plants with that. It works!! :-)

31 Aug, 2008

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