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OOOOO, Autumn Leaves, I have been cleaning these up the past 2 weeks, and still they fall, not much left on my trees, but, if I left a carpet of leaves on the lawn, that now has a lot of worm mounds which makes cleaning with a vac even more a pain, would the lawn suffer, the flower borders I have cleaned but they too have heaps of leaves again, please help, which is the best plan of action, I know the answer will be-'clean it up'.



Clean the lawn; leave the leaves on the flower beds; paths are personal choice!
A layer of leaves will damage a lawn but on the flower beds they act as a free mulch and will add humus to the soil as they rot down.

9 Nov, 2010


LOL! You already knew the answer anyway - agree with Bulbaholic, although if you have a small garden, you may want to clear them off the beds/borders either now or in spring.

9 Nov, 2010


I place the leaves on my borders under shrubs. Brush off the grass.....but the wind usually does it for me. By spring the leaves have vanished usually. Worms get busy and drag them down. Natures composters. We could not survive without them. Rain disperses casts back into the lawn, as far as I can tell.

10 Nov, 2010

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