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I have had a great crop of strawberries this year in my small plot. My question is what now? do I leave the plants alone until next year? Cut back? thin out? I need help. I dont want to damage my chances for more fruits next yaer. Thanks. jeneane



When they send out runners (long shoots looking for new soil) cut them all off - unless you want some more plants. In which case fill some pots with compost and put them next to the strawberries - when the runners come, peg one down in each pot with a bit of wire or a stone, they will root in in a few weeks, when rooted, cut the runner from the parent plant and keep the 'baby' watered till it roots out in the pot - then plant it out! You can also strip off any old, tatty leaves from your plants. If you have any compost or very well rotted manure, give each p[lant a couple of handfuls next spring, you can also give them a dose of potash - buy at garden centre - or use wood ash if you have a fire - ensure it is wood ash only - no coal! A generous sprinkling around the plants in april/may.

30 Aug, 2008

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