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By Kermy

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

i have some fushias, black eyed susan, and lots of alpines. What is the best way to protect them from the frost? would a coverin of bark to the trick?? thx



If your fuchsias are half hardy, that won't be enough protection for them, they need removing to a frost free place, like a greenhouse or similar. Black eyed susan MIGHT survive if you give it some protection - I note you live in Avon, so if you're near the sea or a river, it will be warmer through winter anyway. Can't comment on the alpines - many of these are perfectly hardy without protection, and you don't say which ones you have.

2 Nov, 2010


Some alpines are hardy as regards cold but can't stand our wet climate. Those ones need to be covered to keep the rain off - I've seen it done with panes of glass on a rockery. Is it Bulbaholic who's a member of the Scottish Rock Garden Society, or something like that? He may have some more info, but I think he'd need to know what alpines you want to protect.

2 Nov, 2010


Ive had half hardy fushias survive winter,but its hit and miss .If in containers and moveable and youve not got a glass cover option try them in the most sheltered part of your garden and cover if poss.with abit of plastic sheeting above and fleece in extreme weather.Iwould re mulch them too.

2 Nov, 2010


Quick query, Kermy - when you say Black eyed susan, do you mean Rudbeckia hirta or Thunbergia alata, the climber? If its the former, it may survive the winter without protection if its in a reasonably sheltered spot.

3 Nov, 2010


hi bamboo, thanks for the replies!! i have a climbing Black Eyed Susan and it was packed with flowers this summer and i dont want to lose it!the frost had got to the leaves so ive cut it back and i have protected the roots with the stuff you use to line hanging baskets so im hoping this will protect it uintil next year!

10 Nov, 2010


hi beattie, thanks for the reply! i will have a think as to what i can use to cover them! dont want to lose them, they were excellent this summer :)

10 Nov, 2010


hi chega, thanks for the reply, i have covered the fushias with plastic carrier bags so i hope this will do the trick until next year! :))

10 Nov, 2010


Hi again Kermy. Just to clarify, Bamboo's advice re the Fuchsias was the right stuff. If the Fuchsias are half hardy you'll need to take cuttings to keep inside and / or move the parent plants indoors. If they're hardy it wouldn't go wrong to mulch them for protection.

My comment re glass was for the alpines that you said you had lots of. I don't know how fuchsias would get along under plastic bags. Not enough protection from the cold for them, I would say, and too enclosed which would make them mouldy. Alpines need protection from too much rain - which is why they get covered with a pane of glass which keeps the rain off but allows air circulation.

I think you should remove the carrier bags from the fuchsias.

10 Nov, 2010


thanks beattie, i will take your advise and remove the plastic bags, i dont have the room to bring them indoors so will have to think of some other way of protection! thanks again :) any other suggestions would be greatly welcomed!

12 Nov, 2010


Hi, I am not a Fuchsia expert but i would say that mulching them would be a good idea providing its not out in the elements. If the Mulch gets to wet, plants can rot off or easily develope Fungi,a clear plastic bag or similar should stop them getting too wet although plastic can sweat. Next year if your growing non hardy varieties i suggest planting them while still in there pots (up to pots edge), then lifting the pot come winter and store in a frost free place.

9 Feb, 2011


Also you can bury in a deep trench in garden or in box wrapped in newspaper and put in the loft if you have no where to protect them.

Good luck.

29 Jan, 2012

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