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Squash and pumpkins taking over

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My veg plot is being taken over by these plants that both have lots of flowers but which are not producing huge amounts of fruit. Am I correct in thinking that this won't change unless I limit the plants from growing any further and or cut back on leaves to allow more light and air for what fruit and flowers i do have to develop more successfully?All advice welcomed!

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we have grown butternut squash and they were doing the same thing , cut each leader to about 5 feet and when you get some fruits , then feed once a week with a liquid feed to the roots. ours took a while to produce , at 1st the fruits just died , maybe not warm enough or not being fertilised from a male flower ?........hope you have some success

29 Aug, 2008


Thank you Steve,
I had presumed that with some fruit I have had some male flowers on the squash ( but actually didn't realise that they needed male and female plants (?) and perhaps they were fertilised by something else (?) Thank you for your help I will limit what I have tomorrow.

29 Aug, 2008

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