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veg patch


By Smifff

United Kingdom Gb

Last year we cleared some conifers to make a veg patch. We dug the ground over and put plenty of well rotted manure and straw.
The plants grown this year have grown big and green, but with little or no fruits( courgettes, carrots, peppers,) Do I need to add anythingelse to the ground?



I am no expert on veggies, but I am wondering if they have grown so lush because they have been TOO well fertilised! This can happen if the feed is unbalanced. My veggie-growing friends on the site will be able to advise your next step, I'm sure.

28 Aug, 2008


Your soil may have too much acid from the conifers and may need treating, ask at your local garden center i am sure they can advise you.

28 Aug, 2008

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